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Good Afternoon all,

I hope this post finds you well and that the sun is shining.  It’s been awhile since I last made a post, according to wordpress…24 days. That’s terrible and here is my update to cover the last 3 weeks!!

As you have come to expect, it’s been a very busy few weeks! We have a couple of evenings/days where there hasn’t been too much going on regarding bookings and bums on seats but we have always got prep work and Catering to work on.  It’s been a rollercoaster ride, as you may have judged from my last few Posts that I may have been a bit negative, it isn’t and hasn’t been easy but I am through the rough patch and seriously having a great time. I enjoy everyday and now really Feeling apart of the Team. It’s really funny! We Support each other and they really try to help me with my langauge.  I am learning so much all the time; new recipes, techniques and also learning about myself.  I am finding that each busy evening I get through the more I start to really enjoy it. At the time, you don’t have time to think, just simply keep working, concentrate 1000% and work through but it’s after when you get the first few minutes breathing space where I think “wow, that was fun”. It’s also now that I really start to appreciate how good the other guys are, the ability level is so high and it’s great to be able to participate and hope that it rubs off on me! Just thinking that in a years time at the end of the studies, if I am half as good as some of them, it’s exciting!

Looking forward to the next time I can show off in my Dad’s kitchen!!

So back to work, if you follow Landhaus Scherrer on Facebook then you will have seen the past week we have had two kitchen parties. Crazy, Great fun and something I never knew would work so well.  So Sunday last week it was open to guests who could purchase tickets and come along.  We had the Kitchen fully set up with stations, finger food, tableware everything! so the finger food could be sent out by the service team and then after the guests could come into the kitchen to get food, in an almost buffet style, queuing but served amazing food by us, the kitchen team. I was on the “Duck” station with the Saucier post chef, the stared chef and another. we served 200 plates of Duck. (the duck is world-famous at Landhaus Scherrer) it was crazy busy but was so much fun and at the end of the day, we enjoyed a beer together and went for dinner all together.  Monday just gone, we had the MOPO Players night, which I am also hoping you may have seen on Facebook (please check out the photo’s and video’s – as I am in them!!) MOPO is a news company here and they have sponsored charity events and this included past and present sports stars within hamburg, also a few celebs. I again was on the Duck post but this time only 3 of us, me, the Saucier post chef and another. We served closed to 280 plates of duck…crazy but again so much fun! everyone was buzzing and each station was busy!

I write you currently from sunny Hamburg, suffering with a cold so not been at work for a few days! hoping to be back tomorrow and to start to keep you all better updated!

The best part, here’s my update in pictures;







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