Food, Drink and the Hamburg Spring Derby

Hello Readers,

I hope all is well!

Ist time again for a new update on what’s been happening since my last update!

In my last update I spoke about my exam, it feels like such a Long time ago! it won’t be Long now until I am back at School for the next 5 week block, which is just in time for the Euro 2016!

Since we last spoke I have been really busy, I was able to join on an out side Catering to Sternenbrücke child hospice. It was the 1st May and they run a fundraising open day for people to come and meet the hospice and to see the great work they do there! As usual, Landhaus Scherrer provided one of the Food stalls set up so we could cook live for people. homemade Pasta with a lovely mushroom Sauce and sauteed mushrooms or a tomato Sauce for the children. it was a huge success! the weather was amazing and we all had a great time. It really is amazing what they do there and I feel very proud to say that the Company I work for provides Support to such a great cause.

Afterwards was gearing up for the Hamburg Show jumping and dressage spring Derby. It was over 4 days from 4th May till 8th May with Landhaus providing the Catering to the VIP area. The weather was amazing, the atmosphere fantastic, the guest were all friendly, which all made for a great experience.  The days were Long but was extremly well organised. We would pack the trucks in the morning, travel to the Derby, set up and provide Food from our sepereate kitchens then back to the Restaurant to prepare for the next day.  On the Friday I helpped to sort through cook Asparagus, which was cooked and sorted and packed within 3 hours… over 200kg worth! was such a great Feeling though completing such a big Job!

One of the evenings, the Saturday night if I remember right, one of the Service Team, (I won’t mention names) celebrated his birthday. So in the evening he brought a very speacial Magnum of red wine from his personal Collection. He poured out a small glass for everyone out of the decanter and told us about the wine before we tried it. It was fantastic and we found out that this bottle was worth between 200 and 300 Euro’s. This I think is a wonderful gesture to share such a speacial bottle with us all. Top bloke and a lovley Moment,

This week saw us return to normal, busy days at the Restaurant and back to being at home a Little more.

This Weekend has also been really nice. Last night we were invited to the Hebestreits for dinner. We brought the Food and they provided the wine. was a lovely evening and really nice to catch up with them.  For the Food I made scallopes with Chorizo, spring onions, red Chili and honey to start. Then for the main I had cooked pork shoulder for 5 hours. I used a rub of onion powder, garlic powder, a tsp of liquid Hickory smoke, smoked Paprika, fennel seeds, olive oil, salt and pepper.  It went on to a wire rack in a roasting tin, with two Cups of water underneath. Once cooked we made a Sauce from the reduced water and cooking Juices. we made a tangy coleslaw and apple Sauce. The apple Sauce, I reduced two small bottles of cider and added 4 peeled and chopped granny Smiths and a vanilla pod which I halved. I left it cook and then added about 100ml of water and mashed the apples a Little. For the cole slaw we roughly chopped red cabbage, White cabbage, carrot and celery and mixed it with 6 tbsp mayo, 1 tbsp dijon mustard, salt and pepper, a Little Calvados vinegar and a Little sugar.  I really hope they enjoyed the Food!

Here are my photo#s!





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