Back to school….

I still find it odd saying that I am back at school. Im 30 and never really expected to be getting up early and leaving with my rucksack to make my way to school.  Nevertheless, I am there! We started back on the 13th June and will be there till 15th July, so 4 weeks or so at school. I actually enjoy it, I like everyone in my class and enjoy learning and doing new things.  (not having to go to work for 4 weeks has nothing to do with it) haha

As I am writing, I have completed the first week and am quickly approaching the middle of the second week.  Time seems to be racing by and I worry that I am not taking in as much as I can so, I am revising tonight what I have done so far.  This is also really important as it is all in German, which means for me I still find it really exhausting and I don’t understand everything. Hense having to go over it again and besides, I will have tests over the next week or so, so naturally I have to start revising earlier than the others.

So, for this block, we will be covering Fish, Cooking methods and Dessert. We also cover law and “wirkschaft” which is learning about taxes, what is legal and illegal in restaurants and what you need to know to start your own restaurant. German and English (of course my favorite lesson!)

We have practical lessons twice a week for 3 hours each time. Thursdays we cover Fish and Fridays Desserts. Last week we fried Salmon and stewed which is a little more like steaming, and we made Bayerische Crème on Friday. (Pictures to follow)

So far so good and all is going really well!

Here are my photos!



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