Everything’s going on!

So everythng is going on right now!

School has finished and I got good grades, which I am really pleased about. I was given a week’s holiday which was great! Then worked for a week and had my planned two weeks’ holiday! So all in all its been a fairly relaxed and busy 4 weeks!

I know again that I haven posted for a while and I will start to post more often.

So first the holiday.  Me and my wife flew back to England and took the train from London to York for 3 nights. Just to mention that the train from London Kings cross to York took just under 2 hours! We had been to York before for a wedding but we didn’t really get to spend much time there. So this time we took the time to absorb it all in. We took a chocolate tour and learnt the English chocolate history including that Rowntree’s started in York. This gave use Smarties, KitKat and the Yorkie bar. As well as the fruit pastels.

We also took a Ghost walk tour around York where our guide told us some of York’s gruesome past! All in all, York didn’t disappoint. With is stunning architecture dating back hundreds of years and the great atmosphere, it was well worth the visit.

From York we travelled up to Edinburgh. Upon arriving in Edinburgh, we realized that the Fringe festival was on. This is a huge comedy and performing arts festival and the city was swamped with people and plenty going on! We stayed for 4 nights. Whilst there we took the tour of the city and learnt some of Edinburgh’s history. We also took a Whisky tasting experience (Only I drank the Whisky) a day trip to Loch Ness and a few free comedy shows. Edinburgh is a great city, full of history and great architecture. The Old town was amazing with the castle and the new town had all the shops, although the first building in new town dates back to the 1800’s.

The second part of our holiday was spent at my Dad’s with my step Mum and my little brother and sister, Otis and Nell.  We had a great time! Was so needed to spend time with everyone! We had the chance to take the kids to the cinema and to the park. Was great but increased my home sickness.

Now back to Hamburg and work.  I am now on the Saucier post. Which means that I now help to send out everything that is with meat, including obviously all that goes with it. It is a massive step up from where I was before on Gardemange. That means more pressure, more to do, and a harder job. I’m not sure I can say that I enjoy it but the time certainly fly’s by.

So that brings me to the end of this post! I will endeavor to keep you all more updated on what’s going on!


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