New Adventure

Good morning all,

I hope you are well and happy.

I would like to invite you to join me on my mission this week to make a post every day! Now for me is not only the build up the chaos that will be Christmas but also the build up the chaos of being a new Father.  We have a lot to do so stop by and see how I am getting on with it all!

Also I’d like to tap into your joint knowledge, what can I do with a cooking apprenticeship other than working in a kitchen? I’d really appreciate the feedback!  This I idea has been brewing in the depths for some time now and today is the day it breaks the surface. I would love to stay around food but would like to expand my options. 

A small update on the Restaurant. I would like to keep you informed but now look to move away for that and on to perhaps other things.  The Restaurant though is really busy at the moment! Last week we had two to three functions per shift and many mouths to feed! I must admit that I get really nervous before hand but it all seems to roll out really smoothly! We all pull together and although the stress level is high as we have high expectations to meet, we still find time to laugh and enjoy it. 

I am still on the Saucier station but the last two weeks I have been more of a utility player and have had the chance to spring from station to station to help with getting things ready, plating up and clearing away ready for the table. I must admit I actually enjoy that more, being able to spring into action and to help my team rather than being on one station.  This obviously has many benefits namely learning more and being more adaptable.

So on the whole things are looking good.

As you may have noticed though is that the cooking chapter in my life may temporally close when my studies finish. This is not yet decided but I would like the normality of a job where I can see my family and have my treasured weekends back!

This has lead me strangely to craft beer. No idea why but I am really curious and egger to learn! Craft beer is also a growing market in Hamburg! So watch this space!


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