Why is everyday a national Food day?

Good Morning all,

I’ve just been reading a few other Blogs this morning, namely from one i follow called belikewater.  I found out that yesterday was national Pasta day in the US and that today is national Chocolate Cupcake day. Do they have Food day every day? why don’t we have them here too? and why doesn’t anyone know about These? 

Far too many questions, especially if it’s before your first coffee (like me this morning).  Although it is really interesting as in the US People seem to celebrate Food more often and with more vigor, or rathe that’s the feeling.  We here don’t seem to so much or rather one big hooray or muted forgottenness.

Anyway, I have a busy day ahead of me today. First off to my first restaurant to get my study book signed, then into the city centre to get a few bits for dinner tonight.  As I really fancy Risotto, I need to get a few bits to first make the stock. Then lastly I have a really interesting meeting at a craft beer brewery this evening. It came out of the blue and I am really interested to see where it goes and what I can find out!

So I need to get moving! I’ll update you all later!


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