Craft Beer, Hamburg

So as I mentioned yesterday, I was shooting off to visit a craft beer company.

I went to meet a well-known microbrewery called Von Freude (from Friends) based here in Hamburg. They have been going for over 3 years and were one of the first microbrewery start-ups here in Hamburg. It’s a growing market but is now well stocked with established companies. I met the owner and sat and chatted for an hour on beer and how they got started. The market, the future, events and more. Importantly, I got to sample their core products! Ale Primer, a Belgium style beer with Belgium Hops. Boulivard, which is a light session IPA. It’s really fresh and clean. And lastly Just Pils which is a great Pils which is unfiltered and full of flavor. Now as a limited run they made a partnership with Balzac Coffee and made a beer with coffee. Well adding coffee beans into the mix. It was awesome! It’s a beer I could drink a lot of! Infact all of them are!

So please look up Von Freude and show support for a company providing great products and trying to stop us from drinking bad beer!


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