About time for a change…

Good afternoon,

The sun is finally shining here in the beautiful city of Hamburg! Lots has changed sine my last post and I will finally start to post again! 

First things first. Since the 14th January I have been very busy in my new job as a father to a wonderful little boy! Joe Benjamin Herbert Woodley was born on 14th January (same birthday as my Wife) at 1:08am. Was very scary and stressful for both Mummy and baby but 3 now 3months down the line all is fine and we are enjoying our time together. 

After that bombshell on to the next, I am nearly finished with my apprenticeship! By mid July I will be finished and a qualified chef! I have already taken my final written exams and am waiting on my date for the practical exam and verbal exam. I am really excited and looking forward to the next chapter once I have passed (must stay positive). I have yet to decide on my future ansi will leave it at that for now as I’m only focusing on work, family and the exam. What comes after I will decide at a later date but believe me when I say, I will keep you posted.

From now on the blog will start to take a new look and new focus as I want to now look to love away from apprenticeship posts and apprenticeship updates and move onto new things so watch this space…..


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