So it’s over…. What next???

Hopefully the titel caught your attention? Allow me to elaborate; the apprenticeship/Ausbildung is now finished! I am now a qualified chef… What does that mean? Well I have completed and passed (importantly) the ausbildung, and become a fully qualified chef, which can be transferred to any country around the world. The certificates are in English, German and French.

What now? And What has changed? So, to answer these questions I need to go back a little. So with my previous employer I had an Ausbildung contract. This was provided by the Handleskammer and filled out and by the employer. This meant that once I had passed my apprenticeship I was no longer contracted to the Restaurant. Following? So, the contract covers until the last exam, so long as you pass. If I had failed then I would have had to stay and extend my ausbildung for a further 6 months. This means now that I have PASSED! And now officially unemployed since the 4th July.

              I could have just left for the exam and not returned to the restaurant but I told them the week before to explain why I wasn’t staying.  I can’t say that they were pleased but I am sure they were expecting it. It has been a real adventure with big highs and big lows but the end of it all, looking back, I have learnt so much. Not only am I a better cook, (I have some great recipes and experiences and how to cook things.  It is the honest difference between a good home cook and a chef.) I have also learnt a lot for the rest of my life. I have become a stronger person, I have more self-belief and have learnt a lot about people.  I have also learnt how to stay cool under pressure, well still a work in progress.

              The question what now? Rears its head again. At the moment, I am taking a little time out. After the stress of it all and this year infact my body decided to give in and I came down with Viral Meningitis. This lead to a week stay in hospital and gave me a slightly new perspective on things. So first I need to get back to health and therefore am signed off till 31.7. I have a new opportunity for August, so let’s see. 

As for the future, watch this space…



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